Survivor All Star: Marialena caused an “earthquake” – “Sakis is thinking of leaving” – Watch video


This year’s Survivor has been repeatedly mentioned to be unlike any of the previous ones in terms of difficulty…

This year’s survivor, to , has been repeatedly stated to be unlike any of the previous ones in terms of difficulty. This was already demonstrated by the voluntary departure of Brisida, but also by the complaints and poor physical condition of most of the players. Marialena Roumeliotis is one of the players who suffer a lot, while in the last match, shortly after her defeat, she collapsed.

At that time the one who helped her was Ilias. A little later, however, she also had a tender moment with her partner, Saki. At that moment the Reds player appeared to be the one consoling Marialena as she cried. Later, however, Marialena, speaking to the camera, gave a new dimension, saying that her partner is the one who can’t stand it and doesn’t have a good time in the game, mainly because he’s far away from her, adding that for this reason he might leave the game game. She herself, as she has done in the past, declared that if Sakis leaves she will follow him.

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