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Music and other arts, the new artistic program of the Thessaloniki Music Hall


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It is a program that, as mentioned during its presentation today, is based on the threefold principle of quality, consistency and efficiency.

Full of music, but also every other form of art such as dance, theater, painting, sculpture, is the new artistic program of the Thessaloniki Music Hall, which starts tomorrow and will end on June 30 with the Full Moon celebration.

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It is a program that, as mentioned during its presentation today, is based on the threefold principle of quality, consistency and efficiency.

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“Quality in terms of the productions and the services we provide. Consistency in terms of the result of the work produced, because we do not discount issues of principles and values. And finally, efficiency in terms of the good effort, thanks to the experienced and specialized staff available to the organization and of course to the kind cooperation with all the artists”, said the new president of the Board of Directors. of the Thessaloniki Music Hall Organization, Eugenia Alexandropoulou-Agyptiadou.

Mrs. Alexandropoulou emphasized that the next semester’s program includes innovative ideas, new proposals and great collaborations, which she believes will win everyone’s spontaneous applause. After all, in addition to the productions of the Palace, great external productions are also hosted, such as The Phantom of the Opera, Swan Lake, Court of Miracles, Goran Bregovic, etc…

“The productions you will watch will fill you with very important and perhaps unprecedented emotions. We want your heart and mind to travel every time you come to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. To have unique experiences through a stimulation of spirituality”, he characteristically said.

The program for 2023 will move on two main axes, as it is the year of Maria Callas, so there will be actions to honor the iconic Greek female soprano, while at the same time it is also the year of Sergei Rachmaninoff, which means that there will be actions dedicated to the great Russian composer and pianist.

“As part of the Rachmaninoff year, we are hosting the eminent pianist Alexei Volodin together with the National Symphony Orchestra of Romania, who will perform Rachmaninoff’s well-known, extremely popular, but also difficult third concerto,” said the artistic director of the OMMT Christos Galilaias.

“The presence of the pianist Yefim Bronfman, one of the top five pianists in the world, is also very important. It was not at all easy to make this call and that is why I am especially glad that we succeeded – together with the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki and that the public of Thessaloniki will have the opportunity to enjoy him up close”, added Mr. Galilaias.

Regarding the role of the Thessaloniki Music Hall in the cultural events of Northern Greece, Mr. Galilaias emphasized that since it is the only integrated cultural space in the region, it must support all forms of art. That is why, in addition to music, there is also a strong presence of other arts and elements. An innovation, for example, is the series of visits by foreign writers from all over the world to Megaro, to discuss issues of common interest with renowned Greeks from all over the world.


It will begin with multi-award winning Rodrick Beaton and Jonathan Coe. In addition, dance has a special place in the new program, with the Midsummer Night’s Dream choreographed by the Dancers of the North, while the large sculpture and painting exhibition by Giorgos Zongolopoulos continues to be hosted under the title “The works sound like music”, as does the liturgy of the public open sculpture gallery in the square and the surrounding area of ​​the Palace.

“All of us believe that we must honor our history and in this context, we continue to honor historical memory. On January 29 we have another important concert, in co-production with the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, for the National Day of Remembrance of Greek Jewish Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust, while on April 26, in co-production with the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the State Conservatory, we will present a concert dedicated to the Armenian Genocide,” said Mr. Galilaias.

“Art has the unique gift and the rare ability to preserve historical memory and its lessons accompany it,” underlined Mrs. Alexandropoulou.

The presence of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Thessaloniki Music Hall “MOYSA” will also be dynamic this year, starting with an important concert next month. A special mention was made of the presence of Greek artists, such as the concert of music by the composer Dimitris Maramis, with the participation of MOYSA and the important performers Mario Fragoulis and Thodoris Voutsikakis.


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