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BBB 23: Key Alves detonates Bruna Griphao: ‘She’s a poor thing’


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The bullshit started on BBB 23! At the party this Friday (20th), the brothers really enjoyed the sound of Monobloco, É o Tchan and Saulo Fernandes, but the atmosphere was not just happy, because the participants are already conflicting with each other.


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During the party, Fred Nicácio and Gabriel Tavares fought and the doctor got angry with the model: “You are cold and calculating.”

Sarah Aline went through the kitchen, saw the scene and arrived in the bedroom saying that she couldn’t take Gabriel anymore: “What an unbearable boy.”

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In the middle of the dance floor, the atmosphere weighed between Bruna Griphao and Larissa. The actress said that her priority in the game is Gabriel Tavares, but the personal trainer played the real thing for Bruna: “But out there they see each one’s game. You can leave and he can stay.”

Marilia vented to Key Alves and said that she has difficulty creating ties with some participants: “Guimê doesn’t look at me, but I won’t force something that the person doesn’t want.”

Key Alves doesn’t hide his enmity with Bruna Griphao from anyone else and said that she and Gabriel Tavares are finding themselves the “little kings” of the house. “She’s extremely influenced by her little boyfriend. She’s a poor thing.”

Already in the room with Gustavo, she continued to detonate her rival: “She’s very spoiled, disgusting. It’s vomiting for sure for her (in relation to the dear meter).”

In a conversation with Fred Desimpedidos, Larissa said: “I think we are not on the right side”, implying that she does not agree with some of Bruna Griphao’s positions. “I got a crush on Bru, but I feel like if we weren’t in it together, we wouldn’t be friends.”

The subject of the night for Fred Nicácio remains the same: Gabriel Tavares. The doctor spoke to Sarah Aline and said that she cannot identify with the model and with Bruna Griphao: “They are mean and I don’t breed snakes to bite me.” Sarah gave her opinion: “The only person I see with a bad personality is Gabriel (Tavares) and the unknown for me is Guimê”. Nicácio agrees with his sister: “He’s a kind person, but in the game he’s a lone wolf. He’s not with anyone, he’s with himself. I think he has focus.”

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