Survivor All Star: New survivors hit the beaches and the balance changes once again – Watch the trailer


Three new faces arrive on SURVIVOR ALL STAR tonight at 21.00, on

The new Reds player offers something players have been missing for a while, while the Blues welcome back old friends…
The supplies come at the right time to give both teams a breather.
But what concerns the teams is the players disappearing and getting lost in the jungle. What exactly has happened to Mario Priam and Carolina?
The first immunity match with food prize begins with the Reds and Blues passionately throwing themselves into the battle arena.
In the Council of the Island, the offenders face the possibility of a penalty from Giorgos Lianos, while the tensions between teammates and opponents do not stop.

SURVIVOR ALL STAR: it’s not a game, it’s survival!

Sunday to Wednesday, at 21:00


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