Gloria Perez insults Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Twitter and causes controversy on the networks


Gloria Perez, 74, took to Twitter to give her thoughts on Prince Harry’s autobiography, “Spare” (sold in Brazil under the title “O Que Sobra”). What did she think? Judging by the bluntness of her words, it can be said that the novelist has no patience for the couple. Rancid defines.

“And Prince Harry throws it on the fan. Big, clueless, ‘pampering’ boy, dominated by a professional manipulator: Meghan [Markle]”, Perez wrote, reproducing the cover of the book. There are those who support her, but there were many followers who advised her to have more empathy, especially in relation to Harry.

Among the information he “throws to the fan” are details of his weaknesses and the emotional problems he suffered after the death of his mother, Lady Di, in 1997, when he was 12 years old. “Why this mania of judging people? He felt the pain. The scars are his, and each one has their own”, wrote a follower.

“Be more empathetic, don’t judge the pain of others. In fact, you should take your time taking care of your horrible soap opera. Who knows, maybe you should finish it soon and save us”, commented another, referring to the low rating of “Travessia”. , on display at Globo. At first Gloria chose to fight back the criticisms, one by one. But when the subject turned to irony in relation to the telenovela, she stopped interacting.

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