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BBB 23: ‘Bruna can’t see how she is treated’, says family in repudiation note


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Upset with everything that is happening at BBB 23, Bruna Griphao’s family decided to release an official statement on the sister’s social networks. According to her, the young actress does not realize the abuse she suffers from Gabriel Tavares in confinement. There were at least six moments in which she showed abuse.

“In no context is it possible to hear rude, disrespectful and aggressive speech from another person. Unfortunately, Bruna cannot see how she is being treated in different situations the way we see it out here. And it happens in the game, as it happens in life”, he says. snippet.

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“We, as a team, family and friends, repudiate this type of behavior. We hope that our Rino [apelido] follow your game individually. She is a fun, high-spirited person and we want her to shine like before”, ended the note that still published excerpts of lines considered aggressive by Gabriel.

Paulo Orphão, the actress’s father, also turned to Instagram to repudiate and curse Gabriel. “Fdp abusive”.

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On the night of this Sunday (22), Tadeu had to intervene to give a very clear message regarding the couple’s toxic relationship. “I’m here to issue a warning before it’s too late,” he added.

The presenter began his speech highlighting phrases from other participants about the couple’s relationship and ended by warning that certain phrases are not said even as a joke.

“Are you guys realizing that there’s something wrong? I’m here to make a warning before it’s too late. Those involved in a relationship, maybe not even realize it, think it’s normal. But those who are outside can see when the limits are about to break seriously outdated,” he said.

After the scolding live, Bruna Griphao and Gabriel decided to distance themselves.

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