‘Sex and the City’ actor gets new sexual assault charge



A new woman has publicly accused American actor Chris Noth, who played the character Mr. Big in the TV series “Sex and the City”, of sexual violence.

Singer and songwriter Lisa Gentile said on Thursday (23), in an interview given to several media outlets, that Noth harassed her in New York in 2002. According to her, the actor insisted on entering her apartment after giving her a ride .

“He started kissing me almost immediately,” she said. “Then he leaned over and pulled me hard toward him,” described the singer, who said she felt uncomfortable and rejected Noth’s advances. “Then he got more aggressive, put his hands on my breasts and started squeezing them tightly over my clothes.”

Lisa claimed that Noth placed the singer’s hands on his cock. “Finally, I managed to push him out of his control, yelling, ‘No, I don’t want that!’.” According to her, the actor insulted her and threatened to end her career if she told someone what had happened.

Lisa will not be able to prosecute Noth in court, as the complaint has lapsed under New York state law, her lawyer Gloria Allred said.

Last week, two women told The Hollywood Reporter that they had been sexually abused by Noth. The actor denied the allegations and did not respond to a request for comment made after the new complaint.


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