Giovanna Ewbank cries when revealing her son’s syndrome and says she feels ‘absurd guilt’


During a chat with presenter Manoel Soares on the podcast Quem Pode, Pod, Giovanna Ewbank revealed that she felt very guilty when she found out that her son Bless, 8, had a sensory syndrome. According to her, whenever the boy felt bad for stepping on the grass or because of a stronger smell, she said it was the boy’s freshness.

The syndrome causes the boy to have hearing, smell and touch more acutely than other people. “During the pandemic, Bless started to become very airy, [fazendo] some things I thought were a little odd. I started to think he might have a degree of autism, until a doctor in São Paulo diagnosed him with a sensory syndrome,” he explained.

“Several times he would pass by the kitchen and say: ‘What a strong smell!’ get it out of here’. And I said: ‘Son, stop being fresh, it’s just grass'”, she amended, crying.

According to Gio, “the guilt was absurd”. With Bruno Gagliasso, in addition to Bless, they have children Titi, 9, and Zyan, 2. “We had to understand, observe, adapt. And today, Bless lives with this sensory syndrome very well. But it took my look, Bruno’s look and that of several doctors so that we could understand Bless’s condition”, he concluded.

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