Seu Jorge manages to register a son named Samba


After having the registration of the son’s name refused, finally the singer Seu Jorge managed to name the boy Samba. This is because the Association of Natural Persons Registrars of the State of São Paulo (Arpen/SP) decided to accept the chosen name. The information was also confirmed by the musician’s advisory.

“Given the reasons presented, which involve the preservation of African links and cultural restoration with its origins, as well as the case study that showed the existence of this name in other countries, I formed my conviction by registering the chosen name, which was drawn up in the today”, explained registrar Kátia Possar in a note.


On the afternoon of last Monday (23), the singer went to the 28th Registry Office in Jardim Paulista, in São Paulo, to register his newborn son. The name defined by the parents was Samba, but it was considered too unusual, and its use was not authorized.

The baby is the result of the actor and singer’s marriage to massage therapist Karina Barbieri, who is his third wife. The couple announced their pregnancy in August last year — Seu Jorge is already the father of three girls: Flor de Maria, 20, Maria Aimée, 19, and Luz Bella, 16.

After having the request refused, the singer activated the lawyers in order to try to resolve the situation. The advisory reported that the family decided not to comment on the matter.

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