Srdjan Djokovic: “I didn’t mean to cause trouble” – Reactions to the “pro-Russian” video continue


Ukraine’s ambassador in Canberra asked Australian Open organizers to withdraw Serbian tennis player’s father’s accreditation

Reactions continue in Australia to the photo of the father of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, with fans – supporters of Putin, holding flags and symbols of Russia, with references to the war in Ukraine.

The video caused such controversy in Australia that the country’s prime minister, Anthony Albanese, reiterated Australia’s support for Ukraine and criticized supporters of the Russian invasion.

For his part, Srjan Djokovic did not take to the court today for the semi-final, – where his son defeated Tommy Paul 7-5, 6-1, 6-2 – because of the video released and he watched the match from home.

In a statement, the Serbian tennis player’s father says that “I was out with Novak’s fans as I did after all my son’s matches to celebrate his victories and take pictures with them.

I didn’t mean to cause all this.

My family has lived through the horrors of war and we only wish for peace.

I am only here to support my son. I didn’t mean to cause such headlines or upset. I chose to watch from home,” said Srnjan Djokovic.

Today, the ambassador of Ukraine in Canberra asked the organizers of the Australian Open to withdraw the accreditation of the father of the Serbian tennis player.
“He should be de-accredited. It is up to Novak and his team to take responsibility and sort it out,” ambassador Vasyl Miroshnichenko told AFP.

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