Luana Piovani’s lawyer criticizes Pedro Scooby’s defense team: ‘Very unethical conduct’


The public fight between Luana Piovani and Pedro Scooby extended to the former couple’s lawyers and won another chapter this Friday (27). Maria Cristina Câmara, the actress’s lawyer, responded to the surfer’s team, who claimed that she would be failing to comply with a court decision by commenting on the process on social networks.

On Thursday (26), Luana published a video stating that her ex-husband is suing her and that he wants to “shut her up”. The lawyer said that, for a legal decision to be fulfilled, there must be a notification of the case – which did not happen with the actress.

“There is no non-compliance with any judicial decision by my client, Luana Piovani. Even if there is a decision handed down in a judicial process, there is a need for official notification so that the decision has legal value that generates mandatory compliance”, he wrote.

Maria Cristina also said that, in this case, the notification must be sent from the Brazilian court to Portugal, which did not happen. The lawyer also stated that she was contacted by Scooby’s lawyer through a messaging application but that it was blocked by the legal team, and criticized the attitude.

“When he came to talk to me it wasn’t to try a real conciliation. He simply wanted confirmation from me, in writing, to try to get my client notified through the lawyer. The official system for notification is through the court’s computer system”, said.

“The lawyer blocked me. Dialogue has to take place between lawyers when the parties do not communicate. Eventually, if we want to make a reconciliation, how will this be possible? This conduct is very unethical”, he concluded.

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