Anise: Eleana destroys the evidence that incriminates her

Anise: Eleana destroys the evidence that incriminates her

Karim (H. Kontogiorgis) reveals to Thanasis (A. Kontopoulos) that he saw Paul (D. Apostolopoulos) with some others destroying the boat of Nikitas (F. Karalis).

At the same time, Hermione (T. Trypi) visits Pericles (N. Georgakis) asking him to give her the video that incriminates Hector (A. Stamatakis) for Nikitas’ accident.

And while all this is happening, Menelaos (K. Apostolakis) visits Nikitas’ house, bringing a proposal that Anthi (A. Ioannidou) will not accept. Paul and Hector are called to the police station. What do they both want?

On the other hand, Haris (T. Karlis) and Anastasia (G. Georgakopoulou) meet again and talk about the future, dreams for their studies and Anastasia suggests to Haris to quit working at the tavern.


Billy (K. Moutaftsis), getting into his car, opens the glove box of the passenger. There, wrapped in a handkerchief is his weapon. The weapon with which Stratis (G. Papageorgiou) had threatened him in the tavern of Chrysanthi (A. Alexopoulou), while at the same time Eleana (E. Dimitropoulou) secretly buries her own weapon.


Hector is at Billy’s bar, trying to convince him that he won’t let anyone mess with the Demir family.

And while all this is happening, Nefzat (B. Stratigakos) clashes with Karim because he got him involved with the police.


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