Georgiadis on SKAI: The household basket is a pan-European subject of study – Those who mocked it will swallow their tongues


The Minister of Development spoke about the assessment of our country by the Fitch house and about the household’s basket on the show “Kalimera”

“One of the biggest international rating agencies, Fitch, while we expected to keep us stable, and was the only one that had us two notches below investment grade, has now upgraded us, even though due to elections and the war in Ukraine, we expected it after the elections”, Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis told SKAI and the show “Kalimera” with Giorgos Autias.

“With his move, Fitch says that there will be political stability in Greece, so in essence he is discounting the victory of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and discounting that due to the victory of the ND the country’s finances will also do better than expected”, added Mr. Georgiadis

The Minister of Development and Investments also emphasized that “the more the Greek economy grows faster than the forecasts and the revenues go better, the more money we will have to support the world in need”. In fact, he mentioned that already January 2023 went better than the forecasts.

He added that the government is concerned about the personal dispute, saying that the Katrougalou law has brought many injustices to pensioners and we are looking to find a solution.

On the occasion of the arrest of the so-called Maximos Sarafis, Mr. Georgiadis noted that while they were taking Kalogritsa’s black money, they had an impostor accuse political opponents of black money. Not even Machiavelli would have thought of this, said Mr. Georgiadis, as Maximos Sarafis is one of the protected witnesses in the Novartis case.

Regarding yesterday’s debate in the Parliament, the Minister of Development and Investments underlined that the paper that Mr. Rammos sent to the political leaders did not have names, these names were announced by Mr. Tsipras in the Parliament. This case is the collusion of Mr. Tsipras with Mr. Rammos, who has far exceeded his constitutional limits. He even emphasized that the president of ADAE is not a judge, he is a civil servant in a high position.

As Mr. Georgiadis stated, it is obvious that they set it up together to try to avoid the consequences of the EYP privacy law. The minister added that the question arises as to how Mr. Tsipras knew names a month before, who told him. As the minister stated, if we assume that all this is true, he had been in contact with some dirty EYP network that has broken the confidentiality and this is a serious issue, this is the real story that is set against the Republic.

Regarding the household basket, Mr. Georgiadis stated that it is becoming a pan-European subject of study. In fact, he mentioned that after France, another European country is preparing a basket similar to our country. As the minister characteristically mentioned, when it is announced which country it is, those who mocked the basket will swallow their tongues, estimating that in the next 2 months the prices of the products will fall.

Finally, Mr. Georgiadis underlined that these are the issues that concern the people, product prices, jobs, pensions, but Mr. Tsipras had nothing to say about all of this in the debate in Parliament.

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