Octavia Spencer: Her mother wanted her to be a lawyer, but acting won her over – What advice did Whoopi Goldberg give her


He auditioned for the 1990 film The Long Walk Home aged just 17

Octavia Spencer she received before she really started her acting career a piece of advice from Whoopi Goldberg, who was already a famous actress. Speaking on “WTF” with Marc Maron about her casting experience, she recalled what advice Goldberg gave her when she auditioned for 1990’s “The Long Walk Home” at just 17 years old.

“It was amazing, actually, to have a relationship with Whoopi,” he said of first meeting the actress while working on the film, which was shot in her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.

“I was just about to move to Hollywood to work in movies right after the movie was over,” she noted. “And Whoopi said to me, ‘Hollywood will always be there. Finish your education first.'”

“My mom was very involved in my education,” Spencer added, explaining that her mother hoped her daughter would eventually become a lawyer.

When she graduated from Auburn University with a degree in English a few years later, Spencer said her brother Goldberg, who also worked on the production of “The Long Walk Home,” “made sure to let me know that Whoopi was thinking of me and that he was excited that I graduated.”


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