Giannis was booed by his Bucks teammates after his 50 points


Since it was on fire with 50 pointshis teammates Giannis Antetokounmpo they took it upon themselves to… erase him after the win over the Pelicans. The Bucks superstar accepted the booge from the others before making statements on camera.

If they didn’t boo me they wouldn’t go to the locker room so I had to go over to them to get me… pike” Greek Freak said with a smile after Milwaukee’s fourth straight win.

Some guys are back. We miss Portis but we have players who can set up phases and play defense like Middleton, Beauchamp, Ingles, Carter, Connaughton, Allen, it’s not me and Holiday doing it all anymore. It’s hard to lose sight of differences when you have all the kids together. In the previous matches we did not have enough creators. But now we are in a good place. That doesn’t mean we won’t lose differences, but we’re in a good spot“, he added.

Of his own awesome appearance he said: “I just keep working on my game. To find my rhythm. I was going through some things and had no rhythm. But now we are all healthy, the ball is moving, we are having a good time and we have great energy. I’m just trying to help my team. To be honest I don’t know when I will have a good night. Sometimes I’m good in the warm up and play like sk@%@ and other times I don’t feel so good, my knee feels swollen and I play well. But in the game I know when to be aggressive. I don’t know if it will work, but I know I will be aggressive. I just want to improve. I’m not where I want to be yet. I believe I can take many steps and try some things every day to improve. Every day I wake up is an opportunity to improve and I try to give everything for my team».

Finally, when asked if – as he did after the championship where he celebrated his 50th birthday with 50 chicken wings – he will do something similar with food or sweets, he answered: “Not this time. I save the sweets to eat with my children».

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