Survivor All Star: The biggest mistake in voting – This is how Evie was nominated – Watch video


The Fighters also lost their second immunity and were asked to nominate two players for retirement.

Even for Survivor, the most subversive survival reality show, what happened in the second vote of the Fighters is a script straight out of Hollywood. Let’s take things in order.

The Fighters also lost their second immunity and were asked to nominate two players for retirement. The statistics before the ballot showed that someone who votes with competitive criteria should vote for Kostas Anagnostopoulos and secondarily for Marialena Roumeliotis. Um, no…

Instead of the two players mentioned above, a total of 6 out of 13 were voted in. The pirate only got 4 votes and was the first candidate to leave. So far so good, although the 4 votes seem too few. Marialena Roumeliotis, the demonstrably weakest fighter, got only one vote, from Ilias Gotsi, who is running for various reasons. The new player, Ria, received two unfair votes from Marialena and Costa Anagnostopoulos, arguing that the rest are now a group. Asimakopoulos, perhaps the weakest after Marialena, also received two votes, one of which was from his pirate friend, K. Vassalos. Evi, perhaps in the most unreasonable move of the voting, suggested Takis because of his character, but the situation was such that it was certain that Takis would not be voted for by others. Finally, Evi Saltaferidou herself was the victim and target of what seemed to be a concerted move in the Blues by Takis, Chris and of course Sozon, and to everyone’s surprise she is the third candidate to leave.

Although all this seems even paranoid, they have an explanation and the beginning of unraveling the tangle was made by Evie. It seems that Sozon is still upset with the player and upon his arrival he “stuck” with the two players, Taki and Chris, who also had their tensions with the player. So instead of this trio voting competitively for Marialena, they preferred Evi in ​​order to satisfy the anger of Sozonos and to put the co-candidate Chris in less danger, since there is a feeling that Marialena is very popular.

However, K. Anagnostopoulos also avoided voting for Marialena, which either confirms the existence of a group, or means that he too would prefer to have a seemingly weak player opposite him.
And as if this chaos wasn’t enough for the Blues, they also have Martika lecturing.

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