Pedro Scooby will live on gender violence with experts


After weeks of public disagreements with his ex-wife, actress Luana Piovani, surfer Pedro Scooby will do this Thursday (2), at 5 pm, on his Instagram, a live with two experts on gender violence.

“I’m a guy who believes in dialogue, in love, in evolution”, he said when talking about the live. “I want to learn, I want to evolve, to understand more about the subject”.

The idea for the live came up in conversation with presenter Titi Müller, whom the surfer approached in the midst of a fight with Luana, who accuses him of trying to “shut her up” through a lawsuit.

The two differ on the education of the three children and issues such as the payment of alimony and exposure of differences on social networks.

“I made a bridge between Pedro Scooby and two specialists in gender violence and women’s rights. A great opportunity for men and women to understand a little how the judicial system works when it comes to revictimization and silencing”, said Titi when announcing the live.

The guests are professor and consultant Artenira Silva and lawyer Carlos Eduardo do Carmo Jr., specialized in the defense of women in cases involving family rights. Titi, despite having helped with the organization, will not participate.

“She is not a Márcia Goldsmith of family affairs”, joked Scooby when warning that the presenter will not be part of the online conversation.

The surfer said that the live will not be “washing dirty clothes” but an opportunity to learn.

In a video released at the end of January, Luana accused Scooby of having attached nude photos of her in a lawsuit, in an alleged attempt at disqualification.

He denies it. “I’ve never sent anyone a nude photo anywhere. I would never do that, because I have nothing against it”.

The surfer said that he included prints of the actress’ profile in the process to show that she contradicts herself when she criticizes other women who post sensual photos, saying it is a disservice to society. This attitude, he says, is to preserve his image and that of the children from lies.

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