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Eva Green: The James Bond girl “pays” for her rudeness – The diva was “humiliated” in court


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The actress was “humiliated” by the release of her personal messages in the courtroom

It is no wonder that the French actress, Eva Green, worried about coming across as rude. This is a charge that, undoubtedly, can “stigmatize” her career.

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Certainly, it is unfair for the actress to be called a “sexy village girl”. That’s exactly how the French actress referred to crew workers on the set of A Patriot, an allegation that was dismissed, according to documents read at Britain’s High Court.

Eva Green, known to many as the ‘Bond girl’ of Casino Royale, is currently in the middle of a legal battle over her pay for the film ‘A Patriot’, a sci-fi thriller in which she would play a female soldier. The film was canceled in October 2019, but Green is claiming her money. White Lantern Films, the film’s production company, is in litigation with the actress and has cited instances of her rudeness in order to weaken her and her accusations.

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The actress was forced to apologize for her “language”, according to evidence presented in court. In one message she called the film “a … nightmare” and told a colleague: “We had to leave.” The actress strongly denied sabotaging the production or abandoning it. “I have a very direct way of saying things,” he reportedly said in the courtroom. “I did not expect my WhatsApp messages to be presented in court. It’s already very humiliating.”

Elsewhere in the messages, the actress reportedly discussed buying the rights to the script and shooting the film with her own crew. Green told the court: “Sometimes you say things you don’t mean. You hate someone, you say, “I’m going to kill that person.” Will you kill this person? No. It is a cry of the heart…”.

The court will decide the fate of the particular case, however what is interesting is to dwell on the fact why is rudeness treated so seriously, with more harmful consequences, when it is connected with a woman than with a man?

The importance of not being “rude” is instilled in many girls before they can form their first words. Often, avoiding being labeled “rude” means not expressing your disagreement, expressing your discomfort, or covering up your negative feelings in order to make others feel comfortable. Boys may be taught the same, but gender stereotypes give them the freedom to be unruly or brash without as much pressure. And when they grow up, this double standard results in the word “rude” being used as a weapon against women.

To be clear, this is not a piece advocating the right to be awful to others. In fact, the workplace, an environment full of enforced hierarchies and different power dynamics, is a place where “rudeness” is particularly inappropriate. Casual disagreements and bad days are normal, but a colleague’s aggressive behavior should be challenged. However, it is equally important to ensure that women no longer face harsher social consequences for the same behaviors.

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