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Where is Milrella, the child reporter from Ribeirão Preto who wanted to be Glória Maria


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The voice is firm, but a little choked. Mirella Archangelo did not want to talk about Glória Maria’s death this Thursday (2). She really wanted to tell the journalist about the change in her life since their first and only meeting six years ago in Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo. She also wanted to tell that the indecision between Letters and Journalism ended there. “She showed me that I could be a journalist and that was the role I would have in this world to be able to express myself.”

Mirella received the news of Glória Maria’s death at the age of 73, a victim of cancer, through her mother who found out on television early in the morning. “I was very sad. Glória was a reference as a woman, a black and professional woman. The legacy she left on how to use journalism to highlight social problems is what impressed me the most. That’s what I want to do”, she tells the F5.

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At age 16, “Mini Glória Maria” as she became known when she played at being a reporter denouncing the potholed streets of the Avelino Alves Palma Industrial Park, on the outskirts of São Paulo, won a full scholarship at one of the most traditional schools in the region and has asphalt at the door of your house.

“Since that report, my life has changed in every way. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her again to tell her everything and also thank her”, she observes. “She was and always will be an important person for me. To think that it is possible to get where she did is encouraging.”

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Mirella revealed that she followed Glória Maria’s fight against the disease, discovered in 2019. She thought about sending a message through social networks, but thought it might bother her and preferred to pray and hope for a recovery. “Glória was a very private woman and so I was afraid to write to her. It’s very sad to think that someone you admire so much died like that. It’s like you lost a reflection, you know? When I met her, she taught me how to hold on a microphone, she taught me how to stand up and how to speak. These are teachings that I will never forget. She was incredible”, he concludes.

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