Survivor All Star: Game Over For The Pirate – He Didn’t Say Hello To Anyone – Watch Video


The player is one of the most iconic figures in Survivor and his absence will certainly be felt. The way he asked to leave was just as special.

Kostas Anagnostopoulos was the one who heard his name from Giorgos Lianos at the moment of departure. The player is one of its most iconic forms Survivor All Star and surely his absence will be felt. The way he asked to leave was just as special. Immediately after Lianos’ announcement, the pirate said that he did not want to make any statement and wanted to leave immediately. After Giorgos Lianos returned to him to leave and greet his teammates, he told them to stay in their place and he doesn’t want anyone.

Most of the Fighters were surprised. typical figure is Takis Karagounias who burst into tears. While Marios Priam, with whom he had exchanged heavy words a little earlier, had bowed his head and was looking at the ground, not wanting to believe this development.

K. Anagnostopoulos in this year’s survivor did not succeed in many competitions. However, his teammates seemed to respect him greatly as they considered every piece of advice he gave them very wise and gave him space and time to express himself. He revealed to the Council that all this time he has been playing with injections in order to cope with the pains he is facing.

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