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Shakira: She hired a detective to find out if Pique was cheating on her with Clara Chia


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The detective managed to take pictures of the footballer with Clara Chia

2022 was full of infidelities and heartbreaks, but the most most talked about of all was the Shakira-Pique divorce. Now that the whole world has learned that the ex-footballer had cheated on the singer with another woman, more details are emerging week by week about how Shakira discovered this infidelity.

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It’s worth noting that both Shakira and Pique have made quite a bit of money from this whole story. The singer has released her latest track with Bizarrap in which she compares her ex-husband’s new girlfriend to a Casio and a Twingo, with the former Barcelona player poking fun at the… comparisons.

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Now it has been revealed that Shakira allegedly used detectives to find out about her ex’s infidelity. According to the presenters of “Cuatro al Dia”, last March, Shakira received a phone call from her then-partner while she was in the United States filming a show.

He asked Shakira to give him space, which made her suspicious. “It was then that the Colombian singer took advantage of this situation to request the services of a detective,” explained the presenters of the show.

The result of the detective’s investigation were photos of Pique with his then-unknown lover. It seems that efforts were made on the part of the singer to overcome the crisis in their marriage. In fact, he suggested to Pique that they even go to a marriage counselor. The offer was rejected by Pique, who decided to move into an apartment himself.

However, as the months passed, Pique asked to move back into the house where he lived with Shakira, but was unsuccessful as in June they split for good and the rest is history.

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