Triantafyllos “punches” Bartzis: The singer’s fire on the Survivor All Star farmer


Triantafyllos also referred to the scenario of his return to Agios Dominicos – “I have stolen food on Survivor”

“Don’t poke me like… Rose”: Survivor All Star farmer attack Nikos Bartzis launched the singer, on the occasion of the departure of Asimina Hatziandreou and Katerina Dalaka from the game. “It saddened me a lot, I thought it was a joke… If I were in Bartzis’ position, I wouldn’t ‘give’ them personally,” he noted.

“It’s proportional to how you think at that moment, how you feel, etc. I personally wouldn’t ‘give them away’. I used to walk on the Eiffel Tower, I went for walks, and they called me (o world) ‘Ruffianix'” he mentioned about Bartzis.

“And Bartzis wasn’t even the best kid on our Survivor. Holy shit… did you ever hear any of the players say anything?’ “Me to steal foodI stole it, I left for the jungle at my own risk 3-4 kilometers at night, and if I were to suffer something I would never be paid because if you leave one line and then, the production is not responsible”.

“It’s a shame that Dalaka left so ignominiously, such a good player. Fidirikos (her boyfriend) told her not to go… If I could find a cell phone, I would do it, so I’m excusing Dalaka and Asimina.” “I am not Bartzis and I wouldn’t ‘give’ them the first time.

Triantafyllos also mentioned the scenario of his return to Agios Dominicos – “No, the thought did not occur to me at all” he said when asked.

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