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BBB 23: Brothers evaluate sister’s behavior and stick: ‘She’s a snake’


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Paula Freitas’s behavior in recent days at the BBB 23 house caught the attention of Gustavo Benedeti. This Friday afternoon (3), the leader called the allies to talk about the brothers from the fourth Deserto and they began to criticize the biomedical doctor.

Cezar Black complained about the sister’s attitude at xepa: “Paula said yesterday: ‘No, because I’m used to eating liver and gizzards, I don’t know what’… that demagoguery, you know? ‘But it was the first time I ate tapioca in life was here’. Five reais at the market, he didn’t eat because he didn’t want to… Paying humble”.

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Gustavo, then, said that he intends to “take revenge” on Paula: “Let the VIP purchases arrive. I’m going to get the condensed milk and crush a lot of strawberries. She did this to me! Me saying that I had been eating only liver for two weeks, eating the same things and then she took the can with the strawberry and held it up in my face”, he fired, eliciting laughter from other participants. “Cris was with me and saw everything. The model confirmed it. “Yes, he did.”

Key Alves further commented: “That girl is terrible. You can see that.” Fred Nicácio remembered. “As soon as possible we have to make Paula run, huh”. Caesar concluded. “Paula for me is the most snake in there.” Gustavo observed: “She is light and mocking”.

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The volleyball player opined: “I started to notice that in the shows she was doing in the Jogo da Discord. Those who do that there are not good people. Nobody did that trick in the Jogo da Discord, only her. She is very snake.”

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