BBB 23: ‘I root for my sanity’, says Ana Clara about participants


Ana Clara Lima participated in BBB 18 and did not win the program. She finished in an honorable third place alongside her father, Ayrton, and won the favor of the powerful director of Globo, Boninho, who the following year “assigned” her to the house again. The then journalism student got a job at the station and hasn’t stopped since: it’s been five years since she’s been part of the team of presenters of the reality show.

It went through the BBB Network, BBB Duty and, in 2021, took over A Elimination [por conta da gravidez da ex-apresentadora Vivian Amorim], on Multishow. Alongside Bruno de Luca, Ana Clara says that she feels good running the program on the group’s closed channel, and considers it “too early” to imagine herself at the head of the reality show -whether sharing the role with Tadeu Schmidt, or even even in your place. But that speculation exists, that’s a fact.

“Ah… They say that, right? But I think talking about presenting the BBB is a very premature thing for me. I’ve only been working in television for five years and with each job I do, I manage to evolve and grow”, she explains, who claims to be a fan of Tadeu’s work. “He’s been doing an excellent job, I’m just happy to be considered a replacement for him, in case something happens”, she says, diplomatically.

Ana Clara also spoke about BBB 23 and denied that she supports anyone. “Every year we study all the participants, and it’s hard to take a stand. We go to a place that isn’t for spectators, it’s for those who are there with their hands in the dough. It’s different”, she explains. “I’m not rooting for anyone, no. In fact, I’m rooting for myself and my sanity” (laughs).

The former sister even revealed what she would do differently if she could go back in time. “I think I would trust myself more, I would trust my bat more. But I don’t blame myself either. Inside, everything is very different, nobody is sure of anything.”

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