Serie A-21st matchday: Spotlight on the Derby della Madonnina


With the Derby della Madonnina to stand out, the 21st matchday of Serie A takes place in… four installments.

Inter and Milan against “Giuseppe Meazza”, with the two teams having met weeks ago in the final of the Italian Super Cup in Riyadh and the “nerazzurri” prevailing with 3-0, taking the first trophy of the season. This year is not going in the best way for the two teams since they have been far behind the leader Napleswith the Milan going winless in 2023 and coming off a heavy 5-2 home defeat by Sassuolo.

Sassuolo-Atalanda is of great interest in today’s schedule, with both teams being quite promoted and their games having a permanent… score and spectacle, with the leader Napoli being tested in Spezia on Sunday. Lazio on Monday face Hellas in Verona, while on Tuesday this year’s disappointing Juventus are hosted by the dangerous Salernitana.

The 21st matchday:

Saturday 04/02

Cremonese-Lecce (16:00)

Roma-Emboli (19:00)

Sassuolo-Atalanda (21:45)

Sunday 05/02

Spezia-Napoli (13:30)

Torino-Udinese (16:00)

Fiorentina-Bologna (19:00)

Inter Milan (21:45)

Monday 06/02

Verona-Lazio (19:30)

Monza-Sampdoria (21:45)

Tuesday 07/02

Salernitana-Juventus (21:45)

The next (22nd) matchday:

Friday 10/02

Milan-Torino (21:45)

Saturday 11/02

Emboli-Spetsia (16:00)

Lecce-Roma (19:00)

Lazio-Atalanda (21:45)

Sunday 12/02

Udinese-Sassuolo (13:30)

Bologna-Monza (16:00)

Juventus-Fiorentina (19:00)

Napoli-Cremonese (21:45)

Monday 13/02

Verona-Salernitana (19:30)

Sampdoria-Inter (21:45)

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