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BBB 23: Team apologizes after Bruno insistently tries to kiss Gabriel Santana at a party


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The term “harassment” was at the top of the trending topics (the list of most commented subjects on Twitter) this Saturday (4). The topic has been hotly debated by netizens after some scenes from last night’s party on BBB 23 (Globo) went viral.

In the images, participant Bruno Nogueira, also known as Bruno Gaga, insistently tries to stay with Gabriel Santana, also confined. The actor had to look away more than once to escape the pharmacy attendant’s kiss attempts.

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With the repercussion, the team from Alagoas manifested itself. “We apologize to Gabriel Santana and his entire team, we do not support the attitudes that took place there and we offer all our solidarity to you”, says a note published on his social networks. “We are going to analyze the participants’ next steps and reaffirm our position against the acts carried out. May it not be repeated!”

Before, one of the administrators of the profile had already spoken out, admitting that Bruno “crossed the line”. “As he put it, ‘he’s living a dream’ and ended up exceeding his alcohol level by far, which resulted in his inappropriate behavior throughout the night,” she said.

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Gabriel Santana’s team did not manifest itself until the last update of this text. Among netizens, opinions were divided. Some believe that Bruno’s actions amount to harassment and that the program’s management should take a stand, as happened in the case of Gabriel Tavares, who said he would elbow Bruna Griphao, with whom he was having a relationship on the program.

Other fans of the program say they believe that it was just inconvenient behavior on the part of Bruno, but that Gabriel did not feel abused – after the situation with Bruno, he ended up with Sarah Aline. Check out some comments from netizens below.

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