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Daughters of Glória Maria read a letter to their mother on Fantástico


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Maria, 15, and Laura, 14, the two daughters of Glória Maria, spoke to Fantástico this Sunday night (5) and read letters they wrote in honor of the journalist, who died on Thursday (2), a victim of cancer.

“My mother has always been a wonderful woman. She is the bravest person I know,” said Maria in the letter written on her cell phone. “In addition to being the best mother in the world, she always helped us and always did everything to make us live happier. She is the strongest person I know. She fought a lot. And you can be sure that I will stay here fighting like her fought”.

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Written on paper, Laura’s letter declares her daughter’s love for her mother. “Dear mother, I love you very much, I want to be very close to you. You are not close to me, but you can count on us”.

The two teenagers recalled their daily lives with their mother to reporter Tábata Poline.

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“Whenever she traveled, she would take a lipstick and write on the mirror: Mom went on a trip, I’ll be back soon, I love you”, said Maria.

Before going to sleep, the two would go to Glória’s room to say good night and talk about various subjects, including cases of racism that the journalist reported having suffered.

In excerpts from an interview with Globo, aired this Sunday, Glória declared that her two daughters are emotionally and intellectually prepared to face discrimination and know their rights.

Thrilled, Maria and Laura hugged at the end of the interview and the eldest consoled the youngest by saying that her mother is still by their side.

Friends of the journalist also gave testimonials to Fantástico. Actress Marina Ruy Barbosa said that the two had a strong connection and were confidants and advisers to each other.

“Our friendship, our meeting, is from other lives. I try to think that our meeting does not end here. It is the end of a cycle, but we are still going to live many”, he declared, crying.

Journalist Bruno Astuto recalled that Glória liked to be perfect in everything, including when she decided to learn to sing as a form of therapy.

Goddaughter Júlia Azevedo said she was treated like a daughter by the journalist and now wants to play the same role for Glória’s two daughters.

Another highlight of Fantástico, which brought together several presenters for the tribute, was an adaptation in the form of recognition of the journalist. This Sunday, the vignette changed to “it’s fantastic”.

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