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Regina Duarte’s daughter denies breaking up with her mother: ‘Family is more important’


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The birthday of actress Regina Duarte was celebrated by her daughter Gabriela Duarte, also an actress, in a publication on social networks this Sunday night (5).

Gabriela took the opportunity to deny the breakup with her mother, a staunch defender of the government of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and a promoter of fake news.

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“Congratulations mom. I love you. And for those who think we don’t talk, we break up, we fight, that’s it”, wrote Gabriela. “We are and always will be mother and daughter.”

The actress said that the two may not even agree on many things, as the public knows, but she believes that the family is more important.

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“Each one who takes care of his CPF”, he said.

Regina Duarte’s daughter shared photos alongside her mother and children and also the veteran actress’s birthday celebrations.

In one of her latest polemics, Regina was criticized for posting a drawing of an indigenous person on social media with the text “the helpless childhood of the Yanomami, a people raised on cassava, beans, vegetables and fish”, in a supposed irony in relation to the tragedy of the indigenous people in Roraima.

She also claimed that malnourished indigenous people were immigrants from Venezuela and again spread fake news about vaccines.

“I couldn’t believe it when I read that you wrote this,” said presenter Astrid Fontenelle. “I don’t even follow anymore… a lot of disappointment. But this time you crossed all limits, from sanity to morality. It’s immoral, too cruel! Not being aware of the situation of these children is because your humanity has gone from your soul”.

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