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BBB 23: Larissa argues with Cristian after discord emoji: ‘Snake is you’


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Time closed at the BBB 23 house with a discussion between Larissa Santos and Cristian Vanelli this Monday afternoon (6) and the confusion started after the teacher discovered that she had received two snakes on the dartboard panel. The sister didn’t think twice about who would be one of the participants who could have given the discord emoji and went straight to the brother: “Was it you who gave me a snake?”.

Cristian was not intimidated by the question: “Of course!” Larissa: “Ah, good to know. That’s when we catch the cat in the jump. I never gave you anything, I’m really a sucker. I was speaking well about you to the others. Why did you give me a snake? What changed from yesterday to today?” asks Larissa, raising her voice.

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The angel of the week then explained the reason for the “special” emoji. “You and Fred are my targets.” The sister provoked the businessman. “Snake is false and I wanted you to give me the reason. So, explain it to me in the Discord Game later.”

What Larissa still doesn’t know is that Paula Freitas was the second person who considers her a fake player in recent days. The biomedical ended up handing it over to Ricardo Camargo. “Aren’t we ready for the game? I also received two [cobras]but on the contrary, I don’t go around asking.”

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The brother asks if Larissa decides to question her about the emoji what she would do. Paula then replies: “She’s not going to ask me and if she asked me, I wouldn’t say. If the darling meter were for everyone to know… It’s like the ballot box. I wouldn’t say”, concludes the member of the Pipoca group.

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