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Bruna Griphao, from BBB 23, wants to be a singer with generic music that emulates Luísa Sonza


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Guilherme Luis

Reporter for Ilustrada

Bruna Griphao, from Big Brother Brasil 23 (Globo), has been using the showcase program to release her voice like someone who wants nothing. She sang Beyoncé the other day, posing like a pop diva, and earned admiring glances. “She sings, she has a big voice,” said Cezar Black, one of her confinement colleagues.

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It may seem like spontaneous singing, but Bruna really wants to draw attention. Actress with a still modest resume at Globo, she now wants to launch herself as a singer with the single “Bandida”, which hit the streaming platforms on Monday (6).

The song starts off well, sounding like edgy, sensual R&B, but loses its way into a clichéd funk pop beat. “That little face is going to give you trouble / I’m going to fuck up your life / call me a bandit”, sings Bruna in the first verse.

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It sounds like a timid and uninspired version of the sexy “Pouca Pausa”, a partnership between Clau, Cortesia Da Casa and Haikaiss. One can also notice an attempt to emulate Luísa Sonza’s less agitated songs, such as “Bomba Relógio” and the recent “Mama.Cita”. It’s a generic song.

The clip is also empty. Bruna grimaces and shoots piercing glances at the camera as she acts to force a resemblance to Sonza. Images of her lips alternate with images of her face in black and white.

“This song by Bruna Griphao is as bad as she is as a participant in a reality show”, published a person on Twitter. “Very good, but it doesn’t even look like the same person who almost got screwed in the game because she fell in love with the first hookup,” wrote another.

It’s just that, in the lyrics, Bruna acts as if she commands the boy she’s in love with. “I’m going to roll in your lap, I mark my territory / just don’t be fooled I won’t obey you / our thing is transitory, nothing is mandatory”, she sings, after calling herself a bandit. Bruna and four other people wrote the song — even so, it is a poor and simple composition.

It doesn’t really seem like the love story that starred in the BBB. Bruna got involved in a toxic relationship with Gabriel Tavares, eliminated last week. He caused controversy when he said he would “elbow” her in the mouth. On another occasion, Gabriel pulled the actress’s shoulder hard to superimpose his voice on hers. The public came out in defense of Bruna, as well as the presenter Tadeu Schmidt.

“In an affective relationship, certain things cannot be said even as a joke”, said the presenter in a live episode, after listing phrases that show the aggressive behavior of the model.

It is not the first time that a BBB participant tries to surf the program’s popularity to launch herself as a singer. Juliette, who became the country’s darling in 2021, left the house with an EP planned by Anitta almost ready after impressing the public with her singing.

Flay, from BBB 20, entered the house as a singer in a country duo. Her voice called the public’s attention, and she soon disbanded the partnership to pursue a solo career. Today she is successful on social networks with covers of divas like Whitney Houston and Adele.

It’s not that Bruna can’t risk a musical career. The problem is that her debut feels like a collage of random references that sound similar to generic songs that come out in droves every week. She even sings well, but she needs to better plan her sound identity if she wants to break the bubble and be successful.

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