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Block for Lazio in Verona


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Lazio got stuck! His team Maurizio Sarri found the lead in “Bedegodi”, but saw the Verona to respond, to have a goal and opportunities and the final 1-1 yes… it spoils both.

Because the draw deprived the home team of the opportunity to reduce the distance from Spezia to 2 points (s. is now at -4), while the guests moved up to fourth but could overcome Roma with a win and find themselves third.

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Good pace, but few phases in front of the two goals at the start of the game, with quite strong markings on both sides and three bookings in ten minutes (s. Duda, Magnani from the Verona side, Xacani from the Lazio side). THE Immobile wasted a big chance just after the half-hour mark, with the match looking like it was going to… dead 0-0 at half-time. Nevertheless, the Lazio on a quick counter he found the goal, going into the locker room with a lead when o Cataldi distributed to Pedrohe made a “pivot” move and with an improbable placement sent the ball to the opposite “C” for 1-0.

The second half started as the first ended, with a goal. It was the 51st minute with him Lazovich to “serve” him too Engog to… earns the equalizer (1-1). In the “caps” in fact, the Verona he almost turned the game upside down, but his terrible finish Lazovich stopped at the junction of the beams, with the Lazio to endure tooth and nail against the terrible pressure of the home team. The match started to get tougher again afterwards, while the changes of coaches also slowed down the pace. The defenses had the first say, with the 1-1 remaining until the end and “spoilt” the two teams.

The 21st matchday:

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Saturday 04/02

Cremonese-Lecce 0-2

(58′ Batsiroto, 69′ Strefetsa)

Roma-Emboli 2-0

(2′ Ibanez, 6′ Abraham)

Sassuolo-Atalanda 1-0

(55′ Loriente)

Sunday 05/02

Spezia-Napoli 0-3

(47′ Xvaratskelia, 68′, 73′ Osimen)

Torino-Udine 1-0

(49′ Karamo)

Fiorentina-Bologna 1-2

(19′ Saponara – 14′ pen. Orsolini, 47′ Pos)

Inter Milan 1-0

(33′ Martins)

Monday 06/02

Verona-Lazio 1-1

(51′ Engog – 45′ Pedro)

Monza-Sampdoria (21:45)

Tuesday 07/02

Salernitana-Juventus (21:45)

The next (22nd) matchday:

Friday 10/02

Milan-Torino (21:45)

Saturday 11/02

Emboli-Spetsia (16:00)

Lecce-Roma (19:00)

Lazio-Atalanda (21:45)

Sunday 12/02

Udinese-Sassuolo (13:30)

Bologna-Monza (16:00)

Juventus-Fiorentina (19:00)

Napoli-Cremonese (21:45)

Monday 13/02

Verona-Salernitana (19:30)

Sampdoria-Inter (21:45)

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