BBB 23: Larissa unmasks Cristian in the Game of Discord


Monday is Game of Discord day at BBB 23 (Globo). In the dynamic, the participants were faced with signs with very controversial adjectives such as: Rude, Sly, Hypocrite, Weak, Poisonous, Cowardly, Liar, Cheated and Useless. In the game, the brothers had to choose 2 plates to place on the foreheads of 2 people.

Gabriel Santana, one of those walled up, was the first to play. When looking at the plaques, he said: “Wow, they didn’t lighten up today, no”, he said.

He chose the “Gosseiro” sign for Ricardo: “I don’t think he knows how to express himself very well.”

Amanda chose the “Venomous” plaque for Fred Nicácio: “It sounded to me like his intention was poisonous for what he did to me and Sapato in relation to Bruna.”

Larissa also chose the “Poisonous” sign for Cristian and displayed it to the entire house: “For me, he’s fake. I’ve seen him rolling his eyes talking bad about Domitila. You talk bad about your group all the time. It took a while to get in in the group and when he joined, he’s thinking.” The sister chose the “Sonso” sign for Paula: “Paulinha and I don’t exchange much.

Surprised by Larissa’s statement about Cristian, Domitila gave the manager a “Traíra” sign: “I’m not going to join another group. I’ve never done that. I find things about you unbearable, but I never rolled my eyes at you. I think it’s a shame.”

Bruna Griphao chose the “Hypocrite” plaque for Fred Nicácio and explained: “I feel that he welcomes me, but then I feel hypocrisy, because he does not open up some things for me. When he returned from the false Paredão, I felt very welcomed with him. On the other hand, their attitudes do not match. I feel hypocrisy. When I care a lot about a person, I would open [as situações] for her.”

Nicácio gave the “Mosca Morta” sign to Amanda, but the doctor took a stand. “If I’m a dead fly, because I listen to people, then I am. Because people here like to talk very loudly and about themselves”, hinting at the doctor who has a very inflated ego and talks a lot about himself.

Tempers began to flare and arguments became increasingly elaborate and mocking. Competitor realities and even “deceased” like Zorra Total (Globo) were mentioned by the participants. Obviously, the web did not forgive and everything became a meme on the Internet.

MasterChefBrasil, a culinary reality broadcast by Band, was mentioned by Larissa:

Cristian corrected his sister and said that the reality show that should be mentioned was Mestre do Sabor (Globo):

Bruno Gaga said that Marvvila should be on Dança dos Famosos (Globo) and not on the BBB:

And even the “deceased” Zorra Total was left:

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