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Thais Carla decides to sue deputy Nikolas Ferreira for fatphobia


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Plus size dancer and model Thais Carla decided to file a lawsuit against Bolsonarist federal deputy Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG) for fatphobia. The action was motivated by a video published by Nikolas in which he laughs at Thais’ weight and the fact that she posed dressed as Globeleza.

In the video itself, Ferreira said it was necessary to “take away the beauty” and “leave only the globe”, referring to the model’s body. Disgusted, Thais promised to sue the parliamentarian, and said that she has been losing money, as brands do not like to see models linked to controversies.

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After the negative repercussions, Nikolas returned to the networks to ironically ask for forgiveness. “Sorry for calling a fat person fat,” he began. “Where I had the head to give my opinion. The left has to guide my opinions. I should have treated obesity as romance and empowerment, not as a disease. 21st century, where you have already seen yourself having your own opinion”, he published.

It is not new that Thais has to deal with prejudice. At the end of last year, she already said that she would sue anyone who made fun of her body type. “People love to talk about me. You mean I have to keep quiet with those who humiliate me, attack me and still make fun of me 24 hours a day? The person hits you and you can’t fight back?”, She said.

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“If I have the right, I will seek my rights. I have great lawyers and now it will be like this: he spoke ill of me, sue. He used my image improperly, I will also sue.”

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