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Phelipe Siani speaks after Mari Palma receives hate messages for breaking up


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Journalist Phelipe Siani made a long statement in defense of Mari Palma, this Tuesday (7), on social media. In a post on Instagram, Phelipe asked followers to be aware of hate messages that are coming to the ex-wife’s profile. The couple announced their separation last Friday (3).

“Please, do not accept a sexist uprising against a person as wonderful as her. In these cases, the world is always crueler to women, unfortunately”, he asks, in an excerpt.

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He takes the opportunity to praise his former partner and say that they remain friends. “Mari is one of the most incredible people that appeared in my life and deserves all the love in the world, especially at this moment. Between us, our breakup is being full of love, affection and respect on both sides because that’s how we are… It was a decision discussed calmly, without any villain or victim in the story, we still have a lot of love for each other”, completes Phelipe.

Finally, the journalist insists that the bearers of the messages be alerted. “Please, scold anyone who does not act like this. But be respected even with the ignorant. Educate. As a couple, we have always fought against hate… it is not now that he will win!”, ends the text.

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Phelipe Siani and Mari Palma announced the end of their relationship on Friday, after six years together. In August 2022, the couple formalized their marriage.

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