Joana Sanz denies hint to Daniel Alves: ‘Don’t make a drama out of it, it doesn’t exist’


Joana Sanz, wife of Daniel Alves, spoke again on social media regarding rumors that she was thinking of asking for a divorce from the soccer player, accused of rape by a 23-year-old girl in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Recently, the international model published a TikTok with an upbeat song about living life and the post ended up increasing rumors of a possible end of the seven-year marriage.

“Any communication will be through my social networks. The video I’m dancing and singing (…) is not indirect to anyone. I’m simply following the lyrics of an energetic song. Music is therapeutic. Don’t make a drama out of it, no exists,” he began.

Joana still tried to reassure her fans about her mental health. “I have better and worse days. I live on a roller coaster of emotions. I like to convey that at the end of everything there is a ray of sunshine to cling to. Music for me is therapeutic, that lifts spirits (…). Trying the best I can in the midst of this storm, I think I deserve it, right?”, He commented on the latest events. Amid accusations of sexual abuse against her husband, the Spanish woman will have to live with her mother’s death.

She also complained that, since the arrest of Daniel Alves, 39, in the Brians penitentiary center, Barcelona, ​​on January 20, the press started to be in ambush around her house. Joana asks the journalists to leave.I have all the press around my house. Ringing the bell, I have six dogs that get nervous. I don’t understand what they think. What am I going to open the door? Invite for a coffee? I don’t know (laughs). I’m not in Barcelona. The people who are in the property are my family”, said Joana, who recently visited her husband in prison and revealed to reporters on the way out: “I will not leave him alone in the worst moment of his life.”

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