“Neighborhoods on a plate”: In the timeless and bustling Kypseli

“Neighborhoods on a plate”: In the timeless and bustling Kypseli

Sunday, February 12 at 17:45, with Dimitris Skarmoutsos on SKAI

This Sunday, February 12 at 17:45The Dimitris Skarmoutsos takes us on a tour of a neighborhood that is going through its… second youth, Kypseli.

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A district that went from the great glory of the 60s-70s to temporary decline to now experience its renaissance. The bustling but timeless Kipseli is full of culinary suggestions.

The first stop on his tour is the newly established “Santo Belto” on the pedestrian street of Agia Zoni. An excellent cafe with many options for brunch with freshly baked sweet and savory options, a shop that can stand on par with many famous European ones.

Then the chef tries the traditional Ethiopian cuisine in the beautiful restaurant “Lalibela” which is one of the oldest African restaurants in Athens. There they welcome him with a traditional Ethiopian coffee before sitting down at the table together.

Neighborhoods on the plate

In “Clay” Dimitris Skarmoutsos meets young children who are learning the art of ceramics by making plates and tableware. From there, his steps lead him to the unknown to many Platanou Square, where “The Aunt from Chicago” was once filmed. There is the eponymous snack shop where traditional and modern snacks are combined with stories from the old Kypseli.

Neighborhoods on the plate

The return to the studio also brings two separate recipes from then Dimitris Skarmoutsos, trachanas with tomato and sausages and chicken burgers stuffed with cheese and vegetables.

See you next week in another neighborhood!

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