The Voice of Greece: Live Cross Battles begin – Watch the trailer

The Voice of Greece: Live Cross Battles begin – Watch the trailer

They start on Saturday, February 18 at 21:00, with Fai Skordas on SKAI

His live performances begin with an uplifted mood THE VOICE OF GREECE the Saturday 18 February at 21:00, having now gone through the exciting process of Cross Battles! The only one Faye Skordas wears her evening clothes for a few appearances and welcomes us to his stage THE VOICE OF GREECE while the George Lianos remains on Survivor pace in Santo Domingo!

Watch the trailer

Sta Live Cross Battles every match is unpredictable and the anxiety is now red for the 4 coaches! THE Konstantinos Argyros, Panos Mouzourakis, Elena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas have been doing their best to prepare their teams for the Cross Battles and have set their sights on the semi-final. But the final decision of the qualification rests exclusively in the hands of the television audience.

The 14 voices who impressed with their performances go up on his stage THE VOICE OF GREECE in shocking duels! Who will be the ones to convince the TV audience that they deserve a ticket to the semi-final?

In every Live Cross Battle, two coaches take the stage for a special solo performance offering the viewers a unique musical experience!

In the Social Media Room the Valia Hadjitheodorou takes the pulse from social media!

With Fai Skordas





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