What is known about Rihanna’s discreet personal life


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There are those who say that the announcement of Rihanna’s pregnancy occupied the spotlight more than the performance that the singer made in the Super Bowl final last Sunday (12). Except for information that is almost impossible to hide, the pop diva is sure to keep her personal life – especially with regard to her pregnancies – limited.

The pop diva has already been in very mediatic relationships, with emphasis on the relationship with singer Chris Brown, in which the aggressions ended up becoming a police case. That, however, is not the case with rapper A$AP Rocky, with whom she currently has a relationship.

The little that is known about the relationship between the two is that everything was born of a friendship. In an interview with Vogue, Rihanna said it was difficult to get out of the “friend zone” with her, but during the pandemic, things changed. “He became my family at that time,” she said.

The relationship was confirmed by People magazine in August 2021, when it was also attested that the couple had been together since 2020, when they were already seen together. Despite rumors of wedding planning, the couple’s engagement was never announced. Even though they are already parents, the lovers are only married in fiction — in one of his clips, the two appear to be getting married.

A few months after assuming the relationship, Rihanna shocked by announcing the pregnancy of their first child. The singer gave birth to a boy in May 2022, and only then was the baby’s gender revealed. A$AP spoke about the upbringing she wants to give to the heir, who must be open-minded and educated not to commit discrimination.

The baby’s name, however, has never been publicly revealed. In an interview with The Washington Post, Rihanna said that the couple had not decided yet, but that the choice for privacy also influenced: “I think there is a certain freedom that comes with disclosure”.

The first appearance of Rihanna and A$AP’s baby was on video on Tik Tok, in December 2022, where it is impossible not to be won over by the protagonist’s charisma. Apart from a few more clicks that the couple made on the beach, the life of the first child remained very reserved after that.

And disguising the belly with voluminous clothes for a few months, the couple revealed another aspect of their intimate life in Rihanna style. It was only after she exposed her already developed womb at the Super Bowl halftime show that the singer’s team confirmed the rumors of a new pregnancy.

Source: Folha

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