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Roses, heart-shaped chocolates, and romantic songs flood storefronts and … sell out, lovers everywhere are trying in every way to show their mood to their other half.

No matter what emotional state one is in: Single, separated, in a relationship, it is impossible to escape Valentine’s Day.

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For this very reason, no matter what the love life is like, it’s always a good time for a romantic movie. Here are some classic suggestions … depending on the day.

If you are “immersed” in love, choose “The notebook” or “Titanikos”.

Love without response; Find some solidarity with ‘The Half of It’ or ‘Call Me By Your Name’.

Are you single and living the best phase of your life? Press play for ‘Someone Great’ or ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’.

If you stand against the excessive display of romance and move on more “down to earth” paths choose “Palm Springs” or “She’s Gotta Have It”.

And if you recently broke up and want to vent, don’t hesitate to watch “Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind” or “Brokeback Mountain.”