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EPISODE 102 – Tuesday, February 14

Today at 18.50, on SKAI

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The relationship of Manos (Th. Patriarcheas) with Nadia (A. Andreovits) is tested, after the revelation of Eva (E. Fanariotis), that she and Manos have a three-year-old son.

Michalis (K. Falelakis), fearing that Elpida (P. Vitetzaki) will tell Olga (Z. Doukas) the truth about Aris (S. Michael), advises him to talk to her and ask her to cover for him. Ares is beginning to doubt Hope’s feelings. Olga sees Elpida in a bad state and pressures her to tell her what’s going on.

Hope does not reveal the true identity of Mars. But later, she tells Ares that she never wants to see him again. George (O. Tziovas) finds himself in a difficult position, when Antonis (H. Stylianou) tells him that he wants a second chance in his relationship with Rena (E. Asimakopoulou). Stefanos (P. Skarmeas) and Zoe (K. Klapsinou) are getting closer and closer, however a conversation he has with Thomas (S. Tzorgzoglou) makes him worry that something is not right.