Bruna Surfistinha asks the companions for respect after attack by presenter from Bahia


The influencer Bruna Surfistinha made a publication, this Tuesday (14), in defense of the escort market. A pioneer in visibility for the profession, she was revolted by the attacks of a reporter from Band Bahia, Uziel Bueno, who made statements considered prejudiced during Brasil Urgente.

Bruna showed indignation with a publication in stories. “The greatest prejudice always comes from those who consume the most. I retired 18 years ago, but I am very proud and respectful for having been a whore!! And being a whore is very different from being a whore, but our society will never be prepared for this conversation” , she commented, who also demanded a position from the sponsors of the program and the broadcaster.

Before that, Fatal Model – a website for escorts who signed a sponsorship with Vitória’s team – also made a publication asking for a retraction from the Band. In an official note, the platform stated that it filed an extrajudicial notification requesting a position from the presenter.

Last Friday (10), Bueno said that “ruffianism is a crime”, claiming that Esporte Clube Vitória is helping an escort company. “Would the Vitória fans like that? The historic, traditional fans, the families, would you like your son or daughter, wife, with the shirt bearing the name Fatal Model?”, he said.

“What level have we reached? It’s the bottom of the well, and beware that it can go even lower”, criticized Bueno, during Brasil Urgente, shown by Band.

F5 contacted Band and Uziel Bueno, and did not receive a response until the publication of this report.

Source: Folha

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