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Third contact award, third win for the Reds. The Celebrities returned to winning ways after losing the last immunity match, and reminded who’s boss.

In yet another partnership match, the Fighters proved once again that they can’t get along. Already from the first match and despite Marialena’s victory, the grumbling started.

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The same thing happened with the Reds, however. Bartzis and Spyros brought victory and a point, however the tension did not leave them unaffected.

The climax of all the chaos was the confrontation of Takis Karagounias. Although the mercenary won, as soon as the match was over he attacked Evie because she was giving him instructions while he had told Chris Stamoulis to talk to him.

After the end of the match and the victory of the Celebrities, Takis seemed to have realized his mistake and apologized to his teammate.

This move caused a sensation as the mercenary has not shown many times the willingness to recognize his mistakes. However, it turned out to be rather pretentious, as in the hut he stopped being so condescending and attacked his teammates, causing the Fighters to become hairy tangles for the umpteenth time.