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“Parisiana” is one of the most classic Greek films of the old cinema, with the unique Rena Vlachopoulou in the role of the dressmaker Pelagia from Philadelphia becoming “Madame Pelazzi” from Paris.

One of the characteristic lines of the film is “Suzy eat! And you lie and eat” but also the “hair pulling” of the suffering seamstress with her demanding and unreasonable customers, on the steps of her house.

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What does the house where Parisiana was filmed look like today?

The famous house that housed Pelagia the dressmaker is actually located in the area of ​​Nea Chalkidona, at 28 Kritis Street.

The typical detached house of the 60s is one of the few houses where Greek films were filmed and did not fall victim to the compensation. So it remains there to this day reminding of the good old Greek movies and moments of Greek cinema.

Some parts seem to have been untouched by time while you think you will see Rena Vlachopoulou, Nora Valsami and Chronis Exarchakos coming out of the gate.

With information from exploringgreece.tv