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Acclaimed actress Artemis Ioannidou, television actress Anthi Argentis from SKAI’s drama series “Glycanisos” spoke exclusively to about acting, Australia, passion for cooking and giving in relationships.

Artemis Ioannidou was born in Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in Athens. For the last thirteen years he has been living and working in Australia, marking a remarkable career, with participation in major television hits and theater productions. A major milestone in her career was her role in “Wentworth”, Australia’s most award-winning TV series, which was bought by Netflix USA, Channel 5 in England and is now shown in more than 90 countries around the world. Artemis was in the series’ main cast for two seasons.

Other television productions she has appeared in include ‘The Beautiful Lie’ (ABC), ‘Secret Bridesmaid’s Business’ (Channel Seven) and ‘Superwog’ (ABC Comedy). In 2021 he starred in the Malthouse Theatre’s ground breaking hit ‘Because The Night’ a play based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet set on a purpose built 32 room stage. With her role in “Glycaniso” she appears for the first time on Greek television.

The beloved and versatile actress talked to us about acting, life in Australia and revealed a lot of interesting things about the continuation of Glycanisos. Then check out everything he shared with us!

How is the atmosphere on the set?

“The atmosphere on the set is excellent! I feel very lucky to work with excellent actors, such as Fotis Karalis and Kostas Apostolakis. They are very generous collaborators and from the very first shoot we had great chemistry.”

If you could describe “Anise” in three words, what would they be?

“Love, Faith, Perseverance.”

When Nikita’s memory comes back, will you “hunt down” Hector?

“Anthi and Nikitas have been through a lot and deserve justice. Nevertheless, in Glycanisos, things are never that simple.”


Will Stathoula ever accept your relationship with Nikitas?

“Anthi’s relationship with Stathoula is complicated, almost competitive. Stathoula sees Anthi as the source of evil. Over time and after a lot of persistence and patience from Anthi, Stathoula will begin to soften and recognize that despite all her mistakes, Anthi really loves her son.”

Despite the problem that Nikitas has with his memory, Anthi remains steadfastly by his side. Have you experienced anything similar in your real life? To stand, that is, or to be stood by in some relationship, with absolute devotion, in a difficult situation.

“The case of amnesia is clearly very special and fortunately not something I have experienced. However, I have been a support in difficult times. I am a very cool person and show great loyalty to the people I love. I consciously try to be a source of strength and positive thinking when a difficult time comes. Although I am generally very emotional, in crisis situations I approach things with a practical mind and try, as much as possible, to maintain a dose of humor. A smile has great power.”

In the series, Anthi works in her father’s company. If you weren’t an actor, what other profession would you see yourself in?

“I would definitely do something creative again! In addition to being an actor, I work as a screenwriter, director, makeup artist, art director and singer. So, as you can see, no matter what I do I do not escape from the arts at all! If I had to choose something else, I would do something related to food. I have a passion for cooking and it’s something I love very much.”

You studied acting at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. If you were to receive a valuable professional offer tomorrow, would you leave abroad permanently? Or do you prefer a career within borders?

“I have been permanently living and working as an actor in Australia since 2010 and my role in Glycanisos came by chance, while I was in Greece for summer vacation! I am very interested at this stage in getting to know the artistic scene in Greece better. So now I will be splitting my time between Athens and Melbourne, where I continue to maintain my home and my collaboration with the managers who represent me for international productions. For the next few years I see myself permanently with a suitcase!”

Would you ever make an extreme change in your appearance for a role?

“For sure! It’s part of our job and it’s something I’ve done in the past. I’ve had to dye my hair pink and put on extra weight another time. It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, for the role of Anthi, I was asked to change my hair, since I’m naturally brunette.”

What are your plans for the future? Are you preparing anything else at the moment?

These days when I’m not shooting for Anise you’ll find me in front of the laptop because I’m writing a feature film! In terms of acting I am in talks for a new TV series and theater in Australia, but also a film in Greece in the summer. Unfortunately though, I can’t reveal anything yet!