Naldo Benny becomes a meme when he says he was responsible for Gisele coming to Carnival


Singer Naldo Benny, 43, amused the internet by claiming that he was responsible for bringing Gisele Bündchen, 42, back to Carnival in Brazil. The story intensified in the early hours of Monday (20), when a brief meeting between the supposed friends took place.

In a recent interview with the Flow podcast, Naldo said that he was the one who convinced the model to spend her period in Rio de Janeiro. “We became friends and, since that time, I called Gisele Bündchen to come”, he commented.

In fact, Gisele was invited to cabin N1 and received US$ 2 million (more than R$ 10 million) for her presence. The top model even carried out a poll to find out which city she should go to, giving as options the cities where there would be spaces sponsored by Brahma, which financed her visit.

Even so, Naldo did not give up. At Sapucaí, the singer shared the moment when the model arrived at the cabin. “It’s her. It’s Gigi over there”, he celebrated, showing his “close friend” from afar.

He later shared a photo of the brief encounter on Twitter. “It’s Gisele and Naldo who are there. I never lie”, joked the singer. In fact, the two just crossed paths in the cabin corridors, but the singer insisted on praising the model to the Sheet: “She [Gisele] is the greatest star”.

Internet users, of course, did not miss the story. Several profiles shared jokes with the story. Even Brahma ended up capitalizing on the meme.

“Naldo, thanks! Gisele is already in Brazil”, joked the beer brand in a publication on its official profile. The singer was also invited to bring more celebrities, such as Viola Davis, LeBron James and Will Smith. “Xacomigo”, he replied in the comments.

Source: Folha

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