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Zoe (K. Klapsinou) leaves the village having first revealed the truth to Stefanos (P. Skarmeas) about the identity of Aris (S. Michael) and the murder that Grigoris (N. Arvanitis) has committed. Stefanos, angry about the fraud that Aris has set up, is thinking of reporting him. Eva (E. Fanarioti) says goodbye to Manos (Th. Patriarcheas). He is preparing to go abroad and to the hospital where he will begin the experimental treatment in the hope that it can save her life. She does not reveal the truth to her son and fears that it might be the last time she sees him.

Rena (E. Asimakopoulou), after the tests she did, learns that she is pregnant. This puts her in a very difficult position because she does not know if the father of the child is Antonis (X. Stylianou) or George (O. Tziovas). Aris has not yet given the footage from the cameras to the police. Olga (Z. Doukas) wants to exchange his silence for an information that interests him a lot. He will reveal to him who Leonidas is if he makes sure that Christos (I. Svitailo) does not speak when he comes to his senses. But Michalis (K. Falelakis) fears that there is also the possibility that Christos will never recover. Orestes (K. Sommer) watches Olga and finds her gun near the place where Tsakiris was found, and thus Olga enters the frame of suspects.

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