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BBB 18 champion, Gleici Damasceno says she was a victim of racism at the airport


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BBB 18 champion, Gleici Damasceno used her social networks to denounce a situation of racism that she experienced at Guarulhos International Airport, in São Paulo, this Friday (24). The actress said that she was in the arrivals department of a flight from the United States when she was approached by an employee. The former sister revealed that she was bothered by some questions that she considered prejudiced.

“I never complain about the protocols of stopping at the Federal Revenue and opening bags because I know they are necessary for the safety of passengers, but I felt invaded and vulnerable when they insinuated that traveling more than once a year to the United States is very expensive. I had a typical approach of ‘how can I travel so much?'”, he began telling the drama Gleici.

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She continued with her story. “It took me a while to really understand what she was implying with those comments and I said that I thought they were racist and then she replied: ‘I think racism is in you’. I was extremely nervous because I’m sure these approaches are not always made for all people, and often just for a group”, he said.

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The influencer also said that the airport employee even booked her and asked her to remain silent and sit down. “She started talking loudly and said she was an authority. I got nervous. She started going through my things, making threats … it was horrible. I felt really bad. I know that if it was a white person, this kind of comment would not would have been done. And they don’t talk like that to everyone. We know how to distinguish when the person speaks with evil or mockery. That’s what she did to me all the time”, reported Gleici.

In a color photo, a woman with braided hair cries while talking about racism

BBB 18 Gleici Champion – Playback/Instagram

Source: Folha

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