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Bloco da Anitta has a show by Jason Derulo, extreme heat and a million revelers


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In her 14th show this Carnival (exactly what you read), Anitta took about a million people to the streets of downtown Rio this Saturday (25). The presentation was interrupted around 11 am, when the singer stopped singing to try to stop a robbery that she saw from above the trio.

Anitta asked everyone to point to the assailant until the police arrived. “Nobody is going to steal in my block, no, people! I warned you at the beginning. Whoever steals here is going to get screwed. They’re pointing for us to get him, the documents will arrive here and I’ll read the name of the owner”, said the singer, who experienced a similar situation a few days ago in Bahia. And in previous years too.

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The strong sun and the temperature around 40°C made firefighters jump into action to help those who were feeling sick. It is very hot and muggy in Rio, and there were people who arrived downtown around 7 am, two hours before the parade.

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Glasses of water are being distributed to those closest to the electric trio’s isolation cord, which had rapper Jason Derulo, now with blue hair, as a special guest. Anitta wears an outfit in homage to Carmen Miranda in this show, the penultimate one of her Carnival, which has “Warriors” as its theme. At night, she will perform in a VIP box at Marquês de Sapucaí.

Source: Folha

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