Juliette reveals that she is sick and needs rest: ‘I had a very bad time’


The singer and former BBB Juliette Freire told her more than 30 million followers on Instagram that she is physically and emotionally shaken, she is not 100% healthy and will be “quiet” at home for a few days, following medical recommendations. On video, she also lamented the unexpected death of her grandmother, last Thursday, which, according to the singer, may have contributed to her fragility at this time.

“Grandma had a heart attack, she didn’t have any health problems. She trained every day, danced, swam… Anyway, very healthy (…) The ‘veinha’ was hard, it was strong, and that’s what we’re going to do take,” he said. About her state, Juliette narrated what she had been feeling in the last few days. “I was unusually tired. I rested one day, very nauseous, dizzy, my blood pressure was dropping… The other day Grandma’s thing happened and I felt really bad, I thought it was emotional. trip was horrible”.

She continued: “I arrived yesterday and two doctors came to examine me. I have a virus, I’m very dehydrated. I took serum, medication, my stomach hurts. So I’m going to be quieter these days, resting, but everything’s fine. a lot of people were sick after that Carnival, but I didn’t even drink, I only drank one day. Immunity went down and so did the emotional”.

Source: Folha

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