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Nikologiannis: “Golden point, Jovanovic is a jewel for Greek football”


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The latest news of Panathinaikouafter the 0-0 draw with Olympiakos in Karaiskakis for the 24th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League, reported by Tasos Nikologiannis to News Bulletin 247.

He has played the worst game during the Jovanovic era, but against Olympiacos for sure, but on the other hand, if we exclude one quarter of an hour, Panathinaikos was off the field. His players were second to the ball, they didn’t go with the knife to the teeth and he had the big chance with Sporar and with Cerin under conditions. Many people have taken it that way, but Panathinaikos did not go for the draw. He put the eleven that played with Volos, put an offensive system. It’s a golden point, coming at the right time in the regular season finale. Panathinaikos has given derbies in the first round and has won them, will give more in the future and can win them. This is how it differs from other groups“, the team reporter initially reported and added:

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Jovanovic is a jewel for Greek football, with his attitude and with his words at the press conference. In response to a question he received, underestimating Panathinaikos is like underestimating your own team. It proves once again, this whole fight to get rid of the previous EPO, is a fight that is vindicated and with VAR justice is done and there are no directional errors. In yesterday’s game we had a 50-50 refereeing and in Brusai’s goal there is a clear offside, it cancels the goal and there is the reaction of Olympiakos who wanted to count a goal that is clearly offside».

And he concluded by saying:Panathinaikos should forget about yesterday’s performance, say whatever Jovanovic has to say, and move on to the next games. It was a bad night, and no player, with the exception of Brignoli, fared well».

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Source: Sport Fm

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